Sunday, 14 February 2016

Follow your Heart

Happy Sunday and Happy Valentines Day to you...
Hope you're having a lovely day and great weekend.
No chocolates or flowers for me, I had some TH Distress ink pads instead :)
Dinner is being cooked but I'm sitting here with a nice glass of Prosecco and some quail egg scotch eggs (with chicken instead of pork on outside) and some nibbles my lovely husband Dave made.
I have promised to learn where the kitchen is this year! 
Linking my journal page to MooMania today where the current theme 'Hearts' is quite appropriate for today ....

It's been a funny week - I have learnt that the magnetic sheet that some metal dies come with is only magnetic on one side... I learnt this after crawling around for ages in various place (indoors) trying to look for a little screw that fell out of Daves glasses :(  I never found it of course! So two days spent back and forth to the opticians as they couldn't do it straight away. 

The other thing, when doing routine pc scans I don't take notice of how many files it scans, I do notice that it takes 6 or 7 hours  - however this time I did see the number of said..
1,060,182! over a million .... is that a lot I wonder? 

 Thanks for stopping by
Have a great week
Gill x

Friday, 5 February 2016

Face experiment with oil pastels and gouache

Its Friday so I'm linking up to Kim Dellow 'Show your face' 
As I'm fairly inexperienced with mediums I'm still learning and playing.
I was experimenting with some new oil pastels and gouache and ended up seeing what it was like to paint over the pastels. The background is mainly watercolour. 

I'm learning lots and being inspired by the amazing face art by so  many talented people...
check out Kim Dellows blog and Show your Face challenges   and join in if you can.

Our weather in the UK is still wet, windy and miserable, which is a shame as for several days I've been hoping to catch a glimpse of the 5 planets. Its the first time in about 11 years they are together close in the sky just before dawn, but as usual our weather lets us down for these type of things.

Wherever you are have a lovely weekend
and thanks so much for stopping by
Gill x