Saturday, 13 August 2016

Seek Beauty for AJJ plus a face for Kim

Hello all.... I hope you've had a nice Saturday. I seem to be late today again probably as I was up at just before 2am star gazing again. I only saw one of the Perseids meteorites so that was a bit disappointing in comparison to another year where one of meteor showers produced over a 100 shooting stars in an hour - it was really magical!
And talking of magical and wondrous things.. I'm always astonished that plants spring up on building sites full of rubble, or manage to grow in cracks in paving stones and all sorts of places that you wouldn't think of planting. Nature always seems to find ways to survive somehow just like in today piece for AJJ Nature's Wonders

I started with some finger painting in my journal with various acrylic paints - it was really messy but fun!

Then I painted over the top of that with a mix of Galleria matt medium and Pebeo Dyna acrylic, iridescent blue-black paint

Then I got my old dictionary and tore out some pages and tore them  roughly into high rise buildings/skyscrapers, stuck them down and painted them with a mix of the medium again plus black acrylic. Then drew some details on the building with black and white Stabilo all pencils and stuck them down and painted a foreground.

Next I added another building and the words. The words were rub-on letters.

Finally I painted the flower and added a few more splodges of  my original paints and the Pebeo Dyna paint iridescent violet-blue.

Also today I am linking up my face for Kim Dellows 'Show your face'   where the optional challenge for this month is to draw with your non dominant hand. So using Prima water soluble oil pastels and Portfolio also water soluble pastels and my left hand for a change, I created this.
Its funny how you automatically place the paper/journal and draw with your usual hand - but change hands and just placing the paper in the best place to work on, doesn't come naturally. As I often have carpal tunnel problems, this was a good exercise for me :)

Thanks so much  for stopping by today
Enjoy the rest of the weekend
Gill xx


  1. Love your journal page today, and how you put it together, great ideas there! I think you are having fun with your theme, as we all are. Great face, too. No stars visible here!:( Have a lovely Sunday, and thanks again for all you are doing for AJJ, you rock! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Its a fabulous journal page, I love how you created it and the single flower makes a statement to it being alive. Thats a super face as well, I couldn't even hold a pencil in my other hand, never mind painting.
    Yvonne xx

  3. Oooh you really are on a great arty streak at the moment Gill! Love them both but especially the buildings one as that's really atmospheric
    Donna xx

  4. What a fantastic page Gill- this turned out just fab! Great with the bookpaper-houses and the iridescent soft shine - amazing!
    Great face with your non dominant hand as well!
    I also didn't see any stars here .
    Thank you for such a lovely painting for the collection!
    Happy Saturday!

  5. Those sky scrapers are fantastic. They have so much depth and movement to them. I love how you added that one little flower too. Nice piece. Great face too. Hope you are enjoying your weekend. I am in a little rod trip but manor is soooooo hot and humid. 😀Hugs erika

  6. Wonderful page Gill! I love your thoughts behind this piece, the little flower is definately the towering beauty - fantastic! Super face too. Have a great week! J :-)


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