Monday, 8 August 2016


For 'Nature's Wonders' at AJJ today I have created something I am not too keen on stumbling upon in my home - a couple of scary spiders. I guess we're lucky here in the UK not to have any deadly ones to worry about but I'm still frightened of them - Yep I'm scared of them. I know mostly they are good and a necessary evil as they eat so many pests. I'm not going to mention number of species there are and other statistics or I'll be having nightmares tonight thinking about that!
 I do have one of those plastic spider catcher things so they can easily be evicted into the garden (usually by Dave and not me) - sorry Mr Spider :(  

I cheated and used a piece of A4 black card and then sprayed that with a few colours of Cosmic Shimmer mists.

Then I drew the spiders web with a white Posca pen and painted the spider with acrylic paints. Added blue and green pan pastel over the shimmer spray around the web.

I painted the leaves using Inktense Bars. I didn't realise they show up so good on black so I learnt something trying that..
Stamped the words using a Dovecraft mini alphabet set. 
This piece also got me wondering about spider web patterns and left me with several questions to investigate - can you identify the spider by the pattern of an empty web ? and is there a pattern or are they all random? Do they all look like the one I drew or are there other shapes. Do male and females make them, do all species make them?
I think Spiders and webs are wonders of nature.  
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(I hope todays fun piece doesn't give you nightmares)
Gill xx


  1. Beautiful page! Their webs are always wonderful, and they are useful, but I don't like them either! Definitely not 'pets' for me! Thanks for another wonderful page for AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  2. Fab piece of art Gill, I'm actually quite weird and like spiders.....just don't get me started on beetles though....aaarrgghh!!
    Donna xx

  3. Oh wow.. that's such a fantastic entry Gill!AMAZING!
    Your ideas are great ! So inspiring!
    Happy Tuesday!
    oxo Susi

  4. Oh that's great, and admirable that you have made it even although you don't like spiders. I love all the sparkle on the black and inktense bars on black (sounds intriguing, must look out for them) and the spider's web drawn with the white pen - everything so inventively painted.
    Good question about the shapes of different spiders' webs too, I wonder if anyone has investigated that?
    I quite like spiders but maybe not the huge ones we get in the house in autumn who can run faster than me.

  5. Great pages Gill! I think spiders webs are a wonder, especially when they have dew or rain captured on them, gorgeous! I feel the same way about spiders as you, although I beleive I could make friends with your little spiders, they look cute. Wishing you a happy week! J :-)

  6. Somehow I missed this great spider page Gill. How clever. I actually like spiders so I really enjoy this page. :) Hugs-Erika

  7. Spiders certainly are a wonder but like so much of nature I only enjoy them OUTSIDE.
    Their webs are something to behold.
    I was charmed when I read that hummingbirds use spider silk to weave their nests.
    Your page is beautiful and such a great idea to begin with the black paper.
    Everything you added shimmers and shows up magically.
    Facing your fears by creating this page is brave of you.


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