Monday, 1 August 2016

Nature's Wonders - a STARLING for AJJ

I was so surprised and excited to be asked By Valerie and Susi to host the August AJJ challenge but it was easy to think of the theme - Nature's Wonders. 

Nature's Wonders are everywhere - Land, Sea and Air.  
As I spend a lot of time at home my first contact with nature is in my garden. 
I love to watch how things change day by day, season by season, year by year.
The things that intrigue and amaze me especially are the birds that visit. 
Over the last 20 years living here I have been blessed with many amazing and treasured close encounters with my feathered friends and my page today celebrates this.


For the background I used Marvy mettalic marker pens (just blobbing and spritzing) and then I added a patchy wash of white acrylic paint and some additional colour with Intense blocks and pencils and added details with white paint pen.
Added the photo*, stamped quote and finished with stickers. I think the quote stamp is out of a set by Anna Griffin.

* I was so happy when this gorgeous Starling came and landed on my hand and that Dave was there ready with a camera. Just before this I had been feeding a Robin also on my hand. I noticed this Starling watching us and obviously interested, so when the Robin flew off I left my hand out to see what happened. Within no time he was down to eat and then collected some food and flew away. I waited and he returned and did the same. For about half an hour this went on, but sadly it never happened again - don’t laugh but I would look and try to see if any Starlings looked familiar or seemed interested - but they all look the same to me. 

 I would love to see your take on this theme at AJJ
and look forward to visiting you.

Thank you for stopping by
and for any comments

Gill xx


  1. Wonderful piece Gill, have fun with the challenge, you got off to a great start! Thanks for being with us at AJJ, hugs, Valerie

  2. An amazing page Gill! I love the softness of the colours and great that you even used your own photo! I am so happy that we have you as hostess this month!♥♥♥
    Happy August!
    oxo Susi

  3. Lovely art, Gill. I love the turquoise background and your "own" starling. Starlings are so beautiful with their iridescent plumage. Great story about the robin and then the starling, that must have been amazing.

  4. Good morning Gill. congratulations on being AJJ's Guest hostess for the month. I love your theme choice, I will get my thinking hat on. The page looks fantastic especially seeing the the bird resting on your hand.
    Yvonne .xx
    p.s. I didn't realise you had this blog as well, so will get myself signed in.

    1. aww thanks Yvonne.. the last months host was so amazing (can't think who that was ha ha ) what a hard act to follow! :)
      I followed your other blog too but for some reason I still can't seem to see my icon on anything I've followed lately, other than an option to unfollow.. so must check why xx

  5. Love this Gill, how unusual for a starling to do that, I've heard of robins before doing that though. Congrats on being the hostess with the mostest too ;)
    Donna xx

  6. amazing pages,love so much.
    happy week.

    hugs jenny

  7. This certainly does show a wonder of nature! I know starlings can be greedy but they are so beautiful! Chrisx

  8. Oh my goodness what a lovely way to remember your dear starling! I can't beleive that it ate out of your hand, it is definately oe of nature's wonders. You have choosen a great theme this month. Wishing you a happy week! J :-)

  9. What a thrill to have that starling sit on your hand AND have a photo of it too.
    That is marvelous!
    You've made a really lovely journal page to commemorate and preserve such a special happening.
    I have been so excited about your theme this month and didn't want to look at anyone's offerings until I had time to play a little myself.


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