Thursday, 11 August 2016

'Discover New Things' - for AJJ Nature's Wonders.

Hello all...
For my hybrid piece today for AJJ Nature's Wonders, I have a sea themed piece. I live in a seaside town so love to walk along the beach and be in the fresh air and amongst nature, watching the sea birds or looking at shells and things on the sand. 

I started with the background using my aquamarkers again and scribbling them on to a scrap piece of cellophane and pressing down on to the paper. Being clear I can see exactly where I am layering my colours and doodles. When doing a thin squiggle I usually breathe on the cellophane first before transferring the ink to the paper. Sometimes the ink will pool slightly and lines aren't always complete, but I like that. Spritzing gives different effects and the colour spreads out more.I photographed my piece and then using Craft Artist software I added the under the sea themed elements, did some digital blending and added a colour burn effect using an additional grungy looking image made from a coffee packet (see* further down). The kit is Fantasy Mermaids by Daisytrail. The font used for quote is called '1942 report'. 
original background
the effect after the  foil has the digital colour burn added
* Inside of a coffee packet painted with gold/bronze paint
 Then I changed the effect I used on the coffee foil from 'colour burn' to 'multiply' to see what happened - which one do you prefer? I think I like the main one above best.

with multiply effect
Back in the late 1990s was when I first discovered all sorts of animals including fish can be just as much interested in us as we are them. We were visiting Colchester Zoo and were in the Aquarium section, and this big fish (no idea what sort it was) in a huge tank kept following me as I walked up and down.   


Today I discovered that there are more bees about here than I've seen in a while. They like the Hebes, Buddleia and Fuschias in particular. 
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Gill x



  1. A gorgeous pages Gill, it would be hard to choose one more than the other, you used some great techniques to create them. Lovely fish photos as well.
    We seem to have had more bees this year as well, perhaps our climate is working for them, although its been like Autumn here today.
    Yvonne xx

  2. Gorgeous creation Gill and really interesting to read how you did the background, not heard of that before
    Donna xx

  3. Love your page and had a Oh I See moment when you described how you made your background. It works so well! And I love the metallic look. Have a great weekend Gill. Hugs-Erika

  4. Love your underwater page Gill, it is a fascinating subject. I love visiting aquariums and watching fish under the water. Thanks for yet another wonderful page for AJJ. Lovely photos, too. Hugs, Valerie

  5. Oh wow.. this page is utterly beautiful! I adore how you made it - great techniques and lovely fish photos as well!Thank you for explaining the progress!
    I wish you a happy weekend Gill!
    You make such a fantastic job as our AJJ hostess this month!
    Thank you so so much!♥♥♥
    oxo Susi

  6. Wonderful page - I like the first best, because here the mermaid is seen better! How funny, the pink fish "walked" with you up and down! Fine that there are more bees and even a green fly :)

  7. So very true and how lovely your fish page is Gill!
    The foil layer gave a super rippling look to the sea.
    I have been enjoying a nature series called HUNT narrated by David Attenborough.
    One piece about the deep deep sea is captivating and got my wheels turning for your wonderful challenge theme.
    Happy beginning of the weekend.
    p.s. Discover is the theme for my latest pages too ... I need to write up a post and snap some photos :-)

  8. Such a lovely page, it reminds me of snorkeling along a reef with it's beautiful colours and fishes! I would also love to see a mermaid, fantastic :-). I live near the seaside too and feel very blessed indeed :-). Thanks! J :-)


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