Thursday, 18 August 2016

Bloom and Fly Free

Hi all..
For AJJ Nature's Wonders today I have a mixed media piece.
I started with a finger painted acrylic background. Used a bottle cap as a stamp with black acrylic and added some writing  for additional interest.
Then using old dictionary pages, I die cut a flower and tore out rough leaves shapes, feathers and drew and cut out the person. Next I painted them with slightly diluted paint and stuck them down.
Painted flower stem with Inktense blocks.  The bird (not sure of maker) stamped on to tissue paper, painted with white acrylic on back and on front coloured with Inktense  pencils.
Finished with some shading with Stabilo all, some white dots with Posca pen and additional words in circles using rub-ons.

Nature's wonders are resilient.
Meet 'The Limpits' .... well one of them... this is 'left Limpit' photo taken on 24th June - she - I'm 99% certain it's a she - could fly but a leg injury made her wobble and limp very badly, often with her body rubbing on the ground.

 When she was standing, she would open her wing out on the ground to balance or if not many birds about, sit down to eat. You can see her poorly leg sticking out.
 Birds always seem to sense if others are sick or injured and try to  chase them off, so she needed a bit of help to get to the food. At first she was wary of me but then we seemed to get into a routine; somehow she could balance in one of our trees and I would go and put some food on the ground and then move away and stand guard when she then came down to eat.
You're probably thinking what happened to the second Limpit in this story, well she seems to have paired up with another dove who also has - well more had now - a bad leg, his right leg, but it was no where as bad as hers. At first 'Mrs Limpit' didn't want to know him but they seem to have become buddies now.

It's probably 3, maybe 4 months since I first noticed her and happily I can report she appears much improved although still has a slight limp and so does he. I am so happy to see her walking again. I hope Mr & Mrs Limpit live happily ever after now :)

 Thanks so much for stopping by
Gill x


  1. What a fantastic story of Mr and Mrs Limpit, glad to hear they are doing well. Lovely flower page, we seem to be on the floral wave today! Have a lovely afternoon, and thanks again for all you are doing for AJJ this month! Hugs, Valerie

  2. Thanks goodness she is more or less walking again. Wow- you have an amazing way with birds. The bird whisperer we would say here. I would do the same thing to help her, but I am not sure she would come so readily around me. I love your page today too. It is wonderful. That bird is colored so nicely and I love the flower with the book page petals. Have a great day. Hugs-Erika

  3. What a great end for both! A heartwarming story! Thank you for sharing the photos and the lovely story about them. The pages are just WONDERFUL.--I love all about them-
    Thank you for so much ideas for AJJ this month - you are inceredible!

    I think it would be great to link this beautiful pages to Try It On Tuesday ( Use Bookpages) as well - what do you think?

    Happy evening Gill!
    oxo Susi

    1. aww thanks Susi ... funny thing is, I'm just finishing something else to link to TIOT :)

  4. Oh it breaks my heart to see injured birds but this one seems to be doing fine with your help, and what a lovely story. These collared doves are so beautiful and delicate-looking.
    Your pages are wonderful too, I am in awe of all the techniques you used to produce these terrific paintings.

  5. A gorgeous journal page Gill. Loved those flowers with the print.
    It would be a super page to add to the current Try it on Tuesdays theme.
    I do like a story with a happy ending, so glad they are doing so well.
    Yvonne xx

  6. Oh, what a lovely story, I wish that Mr & Mrs Limpit live happily ever after too! You have such a way with birds, I'm so glad you care so much, thank you! Wonderful journal pages too, the colours and images are fab! Have a great weekend! J :-)


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