Wednesday, 3 August 2016

A CHEEKY MONKEY SMILE for AJJ 'Nature's Wonders'

For my page today for AJJ 'Nature's Wonders' 
I couldn't resist using this fun Chimpanzee from my calendar from July which was when I made this and then having dismantled it kept thinking it was August.
Background created using Amsterdam acrylic paints and a Dutch Doobadoo 'burlap' mask. Monkey stamps by Creative Expressions and coloured with pencils. Various alphabet stamps used for words.

CHIMPANZEES are one of a small number of animals that use tools. They sometimes use twigs or grass to push into small crevices that other wise they could not reach to be able to get at Termites. They can use rocks to open nuts. I think that's pretty amazing!

and then for fun I thought I would go a step further and create a second version with some digital enhancement.
I took the photo of my finished project into 'Fotosketcher' software and gave it a cartoon effect with texture. Hope it made you smile too.

Hope you have a fun day.
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Gill x


  1. Both versions are lovely Gill, I love watching chimps and they always remind me of naughty kids. Thanks for another great entry for AJJ. Have a fun day, hugs, Valerie

  2. I love the chimp. He has that great expression. I also love your digital conversion. I love how it makes it looks like a canvas painting. I started working on some pages for AJJ this month, love your theme. :) Hope all is well-Hugs-Erika

    1. Thanks so much. I will look forward to seeing your pages too x

  3. Ha ha now there's a cheeky monkey if ever I saw one! Gave me a smile today ;)
    Donna xx

  4. Oh yes your funny monkey makes me smile, great! With the Cartoon effect it looks so artful. I like it much.

  5. This is such a lovely monkey and the page you created with it is heartwarming!
    The digital version looks super as well- the canvas painting texture makes it special!
    I was impressed as I saw a documentation years ago in which a chimp-girl washed her potatoe before eating it - they are so intellegent -love them.
    Thank you Gill for another fabulous idea and entry to Art Journal Joureny!

  6. haha ,this is a sweet cheeky monkey,give me a big smile,the backround is wonderful,less is more :-)
    happy week.

    hugs jenny

  7. I love that Cheeky Monkey, he sure has made me smile when I saw him. I wonder if he was trying to touch his nose with his tongue, like the kids try do. Both versions look fantastic, if I had to chose it would be the first one.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Your chimp page is so darling and wonderfully done.
    They are endearing and clever creatures for sue.


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