Sunday, 1 February 2015

New Beginning's


I was not able to be around last year but I am back now and eager to make up for last year with loads of things I want to try and things I already do  know more about.

I am now going to keep this blog mainly for arty/crafty things and my digi-art/scrapping will be on my other blog

My lovely friend Ria gave me the idea of making a ‘Gratitude Jar’  - thanks for telling me about this x

The idea is that everyday you write on a slip of paper the positive things that happened on this day; things to be grateful for. Write about the things that you laugh or smile, Natures wonders, blessings, little gifts. a kindness, achievements or memorable moments. You put the papers into a jar which you then open on New Years Eve and read. It reminds you that even if your year is filled with pain, tears and life stuff, that nice things also happen but often we overlook this and focus on the bad stuff……… but there is so much to be positive about and grateful.

I used a coffe jar and decorated it simply.
Photos from day the first day of January and so far I have only missed two days so it is filling up already.


thanks for stopping by x