Saturday, 30 March 2013

Special Moments

This is my first time for an art journal challenge but I made this for a lovely challenge called 'Special Moments' over
at Art Journal Journey blog

Acrylic paints used were: soft green, canary yellow, sea spray, chocolate brown and deep orange made by Do Crafts.
I found an ivy stencil I'd made years ago when stencilling our house, and using stencil brush used Plaid Folkart ripe avocado and Decoart purple acrylic paint on it and when dry, painted pages over with sea spray paint.

Using the eraser at the end of a pencil, I splodged on white paint.

Pressed a stamp design into some mouldable fun foam and stamped on page with  black archival ink.

Covered pages with diluted deep orange paint and wiped some off with a cloth.
Used leaf, tempus fugit and bird stamps which were free from Craft Stamper magazine. Used pear-shaped shading stamp (forgotten who makes that - Stampscapes maybe)
Used pilot pens to write a couple of quotes.
To finish off used several Inktense pencils to colour leaves, bird and various highlights and other areas.
Thank you so much for looking xxx

Friday, 29 March 2013

Doodle it and Digi it

Good afternoon or should that be evening as it's just after 6pm ( or it was when I first started writing this) ...mmm... well hello there... Have you had plenty of hot cross buns today? there's been none here at all, but I did have a nice homemade cherry and chocolate chip muffin filled with a little hazelnut spread lovingly made by DH which made up for it.

I was bored waiting for paint to dry on a canvas and glitter to dry on some other bits and my hand was aching but needed something to I made this

Its a piece of digital art made using a half finished or should that be half completed...mmm? anyway, using a bit of a doodling thing I'm still working on. I photographed the pages and imported it into my Serif Craft Artist software to take out the white background and leave just the lines using the CSO filter in photolab.

Then I used black colour fill to change what was left to an even colour. You will see I used  the right hand page twice at top right and bottom right, but rotated. Added white drop shadow to give more texture/depth. The multi-coloured background was a paper I created using some flower photos I took some time ago, again using the software. Added words with shadow too.
Thanks so much for looking xxx

Friday, 15 March 2013

Don't fade away

Good morning and welcome "dear follower" (as I write this, that just being Carol) hi Carol - but hi to any one else who may have stumbled upon this and taken pity on me...LOL
Well it looks like rain today instead of snow, hope the sun is shining and is better where you are... me thinks this means a day inside to craft some more.
I suppose I am on a bit of an Art Journal "journey" at present. 
I've made similar style cards and digital-scrap pages but not really made any art like that in a real book until recently. (small 6x4 Windsor and Newton type with perforation's)
So this was the outcome of my last 'play time'
Used Liquitex apricot paint
then some Liquitex  venetian  rose and Rowney bright green

More paint added and then time to stamp
This is where I now wish I had used a book that I could take the pages out of. On the left hand page, the detail of the main stamp has been lost and looks faded - looks worse in photo... and this is why I've added the words on that page at top which say 'Don't fade away'.
I used archival ink and wonder if a combination of it being a large detailed foam stamp and not being able to press quite as good as I would have liked didn't make it easy to get a decent impression. (must remember to check that ink pad not starting to run out too) The acrylic paint was also artist quality, wonder does that make a difference to how inks etc react with them... so many things to consider and learn.

Slight buckling of the paper and over head shot
has made page shape look a bit odd - oops!.
 Paint: Liquitex apricot and ventian rose and Rowney bright green.
Stamps: La Blanche (the faded bit is a girl looking at butterfly)
small stamps a mix of Hero Arts, SeeD's and All night media.

Stamp on above page, Lady from a Hero Arts set. Also used white Souffle pen and black permanent marker pen for some dots and highlights.
Thanks so much for stopping by.... have a lovely day x


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Blank space and a case of the F.O.F.s

What is it about a blank piece of paper or canvas, when making that first mark or brush stroke is so frightening - nothing really - so what if I mess it up - I can chuck it or re-use it. It's not as if the 'Stash Police' are going to be after me for wasting paper..LOL Does it matter and who cares? well apparently I do, as I had another episode of the F.O.F.s again, that being - Fear Of Failure. So I gave myself a good talking to and then decided to just go for it, after all 'Art' is suppose to be fun - isn't it?
Used Kanban Stamps, SeeDs stamps
The first piece was on watercolour paper, using Kanban and SeeD's stamps. Used watercolour paints and twinkling  H2Os, white souffle pen. Yeaaah first blank space covered! Then I got a small 6" x 4" Windsor & Newton book and got to the first page - oh dear - it was a blank white page!

.....and then the first white page in that book too was gone....yipeee!

Words  stamps by Andy Skinner

SeeD's, Victory and Hero Art stamps
oh well... they're not brilliant pieces but I had fun - eventually - making them.

Have a good day and thanks for stopping by x

Monday, 11 March 2013

Another Blog

Hellooooo.... not that they'll be anybody there...but maybe one day soon LOL........ but if you are there - hello - hope you are having a good day and are somewhere warm and sunny. It's bitterly cold here and been snowing on and off all morning, in fact just now two fire engines raced down our road and stopped opposite - but it turned out to be a force alarm - looks like someone must have spotted what they thought was smoke coming from the back of one of the houses, but was of course the steam from their central heating. I decided to start another blog... took a while to get a name I liked and couldn't believe that no one else already had it.... of course there may be a good reason for that ...
So just to get this first post out of the way thought I'd show you some of the books I am currently (still) reading.

This is probably my favourite book at present, so inspirational - but sadly there's no technical plans in it to be able to make a time machine... if there was I'd be off to the 19th century to visit some ancestors and interrogate them  ask them genealogy type questions which currently elude me.
ok first post out of the way...
until the next one - Have a good day and happy crafting x